Jesus Everywhere

60 Days of Encountering God in Unexpected Places

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Notice God in Every Detail of Your Day

It’s easy to get stuck seeing life as a series of endless patterns that leave you feeling bored and burned out. Yet for followers of God, there’s no such thing as ordinary—we’re invited to experience Jesus at every unsuspected turn.
In Jesus Everywhere, author Kariss Farris shares bite-sized devotions birthed from her everyday experiences as a wife, mother, and business owner. Jam-packed with reflection questions, encouraging prayers, and scriptural insights, you’ll be inspired to take inventory of each day and emboldened to act on the wisdom you’ve gained as a servant and daughter of the God Most High. Meanwhile, you’ll journey with Kariss to notice each of life’s moments—whether routine or extraordinary—and uncover all that is vibrant, beautiful, and given to you by God.
No matter your season of life or faith, this uplifting devotional will help rejuvenate your walk with Christ. Answer this call to break away from the mundane and emerge engaged in God’s daily work in your life as you experience Jesus, everywhere.


Foreword by Tony Evans

Kariss Farris is my oldest grandchild. She is the oldest child of my firstborn, Chrystal Evans Hurst. Kariss holds a unique and precious place in my life, as she did in the life of my late wife, Lois Evans. Chrystal had her while in college. To help make life easier for Chrystal, Lois and I stepped in to help raise Kariss. She participated in virtually all of the activities and events of our family life.
My most special time with Kariss was when she would spend Wednesday night at our house after church, and I would take her for donuts on Thursday morning before dropping her off at school. A deep bond developed between us. Lois would take her on shopping sprees and sneak her extra money when her mother wasn’t looking. Kariss would even tell us to spank her mother when her mother had to correct her.
As I read through her first full book, Jesus Everywhere, I was overwhelmed with joy to see her heart for the Lord and the literary and communication skills demonstrated by the way she expresses her thoughts. Through a combination of personal experience, spiritual perception, and ministry encouragement, Kariss has given us a tool to inspire, challenge, and motivate the reader to prioritize growing closer to the Jesus she has grown to love and decided to follow.
When I read her words, I could only imagine how proud her grandmother in heaven is to see how Kariss has matured as a woman, wife, mother, and lover of her Lord.
It is a blessing to see another member of the Evans clan carrying the message of Christ and using her gifts to encourage others to follow Him. You’ll find that reading and absorbing the message of Jesus Everywhere will help you to experience Him in everything, in every place, and at every turn in your life.
Thank you, Kariss, for reminding your poppy about how important it is to have Jesus Everywhere.


Kariss Farris is a genuine, charismatic, and fun-loving girl next door who encourages young women like herself to seek Jesus in their journeys as wives, mothers, and businesswomen. Kariss shares reflections and devotions about her faith and day-to-day experiences with her four children, husband, and small business on her blog,, and on Instagram, @karissfarris.